Tournament Rules and Regulations
Registration for the tournament can be completed online at You must be 18 or older to compete. We will accept in-person registration up to 1 hour before the tournament begins.

Costs to Enter are:

  • One Division: $50
  • Two Divisions: $75
  • Three Divisions or more: $100

Code of Conduct
All participants are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and can get you removed from the tournament.

Protective Gear
Since the tournament weapons will be padded, certain protective gear is mandatory and some gear is recommended. You must bring your own protective gear to compete. There will be limited loaners available.

  • Mandatory: Helmet, Shoes,Protective Gloves (Hockey, Street Hockey, Lacrosse, Fencing…)
  • Recommended: Groin Protection, forearm guard, elbow pad

There will be 8 separate divisions for this tournament open to ALL genders. Divisions are listed in the table below. Novice Divisions are meant for FIRST TIME fighters. If you enter Novice Division, you may not enter the Open Division. Open Division fighters may not enter Novice Division. Team Divisions can be preformed or pickup groups on the spot. Masters Division is 40 years and older.

  • Novice Division – Sword
  • Novice Division – Knife
  • Open Division – Sword
  • Open Division – Knife
  • Master’s Division Sword
  • Master’s Division – Knife
  • Team Division (3 person) – Sword
  • Team Division (3 person) – Knife

In the Open and Masters Divisions the top 3 positions are awarded with the following:

  • First Place: Championship Belt 
  • Second Place: Medal
  • Third Place: Medal

The weapons are provided by the tournament managers and are detailed as follows:

  • Sword – A 30” padded sword will be provided by the tournament organizers. The weapons can be inspected at any time for safety during the match.
  • Knife – A Bowie style padded knife, 15” in length, will be provided by the tournament organizers. The weapons can be inspected at any time for safety during the match.

General Rules for all divisions include the following:

  • Disarms are allowed but not valid if damage is received before or during attempt.
  • Free hand blocks and manipulations are allowed.
  • Weapon deflections and parries are allowed.
  • No punching.
  • No kicking.
  • No clinching.
  • No take downs or throws.
  • No headbutts.
  • No weapon handle striking.
  • No deliberate hits to the throat and groin.
  • Referee can pause the match for scoring and safety checks.
  • Failure to appear on time for your scheduled fight, you automatically forfeit.


9 Lives scoring

  • Each fighter will start their bout with 9 lives.
  • Every time a fight is struck with either the point or the edge of the tournament weapon the fighter will lose 1 life. No striking with the handle.
  • If a fighter is struck more than one time in a clash it will still result in only 1 life lost. The first fighter to touch scores the point and the fighters are reset. Mutual cuts will result in the loss of one life of each fighter.
  • When the fighter reaches zero lives the opponent with lives remaining will be awarded with the victory of that match.  At the end of two rounds the fighter with the most lives wins the match.  At the end of two rounds if there is an even score the third round will be sudden death.
  • Sudden death is the first clean cut (not mutual not clash) wins.

Out of bounds
If the referee observes you intentionally going out of bounds you will receive a warning and continued violations will result in a loss of life (point).

Throwing Weapon
Weapon can NOT be thrown to gain a point.  It will be considered a disarm on the person who threw the weapon as a result they will lose a life (point)


  • If the fighters weapon has any contact anywhere on the opponents body the result will be the loss of 1 life (point)
  • Intentional clean disarms are 1 life (point)
  • Dropping your weapon for any reason will deduct 1 life (point).  
  • If the weapon is dropped after a scoring blow, it does not count as a disarm.
  • Points are tallied at the end of each round by judges’ scorecards.
  • Multiple points will NOT be awarded on a rally strike just the first contact will count.
  • A participant may be disqualified for violating the rules by the referee.


  • Safety gear is required to compete. You must have the following to compete: Helmet, Gloves, Shoes (not open toe)
  • In case of emergency, the fight can be halted and emergency personal brought in to assist the injured participant. If the injury is a result of disqualification, the winner is person not disqualified.

Tournament Structure

  • Matches will be 2 rounds at 2 minutes each.
  • If fighters do not run out of their 9 lives within the 2 rounds, the higher score wins the match. By the end of 2 Rounds if the fighters are tied, the fight will go into a sudden death round. First successful strike will win the match in sudden death.
  • Rest period of 1 minutes of time in between each round.
  • Participants are fighting in a single elimination tournament. If you lose a match, you cannot advance. 
  • Participants continue to advance though the tournament with each win. 
  • The committee will provide best match ups and byes when needed. 
  • Depending how many participants register will depend on how long the tournament lasts. 
  • All participants must remain on premises during the tournament. If you are not available when your match begins, you will forfeit your match and your opponent automatically wins.
  • Team Division match ups will be round robin. Each of the 3 fighters must compete each round. Fighters will rotate by number to make sure they fight each of the other fighters on the competing team. Rounds will continue until one team has depleted all 9 points.