As a California native, Diana Lee Inosanto grew up around the martial arts world her entire life.  As the daughter of global martial arts icon and influencer, Dan Inosanto, and the goddaughter of the late Bruce Lee and Guro Richard Bustillo, martial arts became a second language for her.   Through the years, she has graced the cover of several martial arts magazines worldwide and has appeared in international television interviews and documentaries highlighting her family history and film career.  During the arc of her career, she wrote, directed, and produced an award winning, humanitarian film about bullying and AIDS, “The Sensei”.

In 2011, she received the American Courage Award from the Asian American Justice Center in Washington D.C. for her efforts in tackling such  difficult subject matters in her film.  This award was presented to her by US Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights & DNC Chairman, Thomas Perez with several members of Congress in attendance.  “My father wanted me to know my ‘martial heritage’.  More important, my Dad wanted me to have the knowledge and ability to protect myself as a woman.  Who would have thought that I would grow up to utilize my heritage in so many ways as a martial arts teacher, an actress, Hollywood stuntwoman, director, producer, and writer?  Martial Arts has given me the emotional, mental and spiritual fortitude to take on life’s many challenges as a 21st Century woman.”   Today, Diana is a mother and unofficial foster mom of three sons. Presently, she is working closely with her Autistic son writing a children’s book about Autism and their personal struggles during their early years.

Also, aside from being a martial arts entrepreneur, she is producing a Hollywood movie about her father being the first person to help introduce martial arts into the NFL by teaching the Dallas Cowboys.  Visit link,